04/16/2012 04:13 pm ET Updated Jun 16, 2012

The Danger of Being Forever Young: An Ode to Every Child Killed Before Their Time

Our children are dying.

They aren't graduating from high school or college, they're being buried six feet under.

They aren't building families, they're building deaths counts. Prison sentences are no longer a punishment, yet a lifestyle that is foolishly looked forward to.

Expected. A badge of honor.

Whose fault is it?

Mine. Yours. Ours.

While you're sitting in your homes, your churches, your businesses. While you spend time with your friends and hug your families, our children are dying.

Being massacred.

Slayed by each other. Slayed by society.

We are failing them.

We have failed them.

We have failed them by thinking that just because they're not our children, they are not our responsibility.

By labeling them menaces to society.

By giving up on them and telling them to make it on their own.

We have failed them by not affirming them.

By not letting them know that they're more than conquerers. That they are powerful and have the ability to save and change lives. Or maybe we can't teach them what we don't think about ourselves.

For you who live in the suburbs tucked away in your safe houses that you hide in..this is your problem!

For you who live in the hood and have settled with the thought that nothing can be changed... this is your problem!

For you young people who think this is just the way life is... this is your problem!

A problem that can no longer be ignored.

A problem that is causing the extinction of our youth.

A problem, that if not handled, will bring this country to ruin.

A country I have chosen to raise my children in.

Blood has been stained on too many sidewalks, in too many homes.

Gallons and gallons of baby blood.

We have to take action.

God has equipped us with the power to heal this country. Don't let any more blood be on our hands. Plant seeds of encouragement, love, expectation, dreams, and future into our society, into each other, and watch how we grow.

Jay-Z said in one of his songs that he wanted to be forever young.

Forever young is something Trayvon Martin and every other murdered child should not have been.

Tiphani Montgomery is an inspirational speaker and an Essence Magazine bestselling author. Visit her website at

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