05/25/2012 02:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

GIG Spark: One Thing You Must Do Daily for Your Mental and Spiritual Health

I have to make a confession. I'm guilty of this, too. I'm a workaholic and social-media maniac.

How many of you are guilty of being on your phone, iPad, or computer when you shouldn't? It's hard to resist overworking and social-media madness, because when you do something that you absolutely love, your passion work, it doesn't feel like work. I just want to climb Kilamanjaro and yell, "Go Inspire Go!" (GIG).

One of my best friends, Yasmine Farazian, made me realize that I was becoming a workaholic. She single-highhandedly inspired me to unplug and be more present by forcing me to get off my computer, literally. One day I had Yasmine and few friends over for dinner. It was about 7 p.m., and I was still plugging away on my computer. She said, "No more. You're always working." And she politely but firmly pushed my MacBook screen closed with her perfectly painted, pretty phalanges.

Since then, I've tried (operative word being "tried") to consciously be as present as possible when doing my GIG work. I don't always succeed, but I try. I live in San Francisco, one of the most postcardesque places in the world. Everywhere you turn, there's what I like to call a "postcard-worthy" snapshot. I try not to be on my cellphone, checking emails or Facebook. I admit that I fail miserably when there's a scene or shot I want to share with the world through my lens via Instagram. (That's excusable, right? After all, like my Momma told me, "Sharing is caring!")

So in the spirit of being present while going to and fro, I want to introduce our latest GIG Spark. Melissa Cheng produced our latest GIG Spark (Youth Lesson on Compassion Program) in San Francisco. Her goal: to inspire you to be more conscious, present, and aware of the beauty that surrounds you.

So please remember: It only takes a few seconds every day to stop, take a mental snapshot of something beautiful that surrounds you, and be grateful. You will be mentally, physically, and spiritually thankful you did. Don't have any images that inspire you? Check out my Instagram and Pinterest posts for some beautiful pictures that inspire me!

We hope this video inspires you to do something nice for someone in need in your community in the next 24 hours.

Your turn: What thoughtful deed can you do to help others in need? Do it and share it with us. We may just share your GIG Spark video with the world!

Feeling inspired? Make your own GIG Spark.

As part of GIG's mission to inspire our viewers to discover their power, we developed GIG Spark: A Lesson on Compassion. The goal is to spark action in everyone who witnesses your good deed. We want you to identify a problem in your community and be the change by capturing your action in a short 1- to 1:30-minute video. Use your passion and creativity to produce a GIG Spark and inspire viewers with your story! What can you do?

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