04/05/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

MedShare and GO Inspire GO Urges You to Act Now!

Shortly after the 7.0 earthquake rocked the poor island nation of Haiti to its core -- I was tired of seeing and hearing the images and sounds of horror. For a moment, I felt helpless, despondent, hopeless.

I flipped open my MacBook Pro and started feverishly blogging, reaching out to everyone in my community. I begged readers to comment and e-mail in what they were doing to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti. I wanted to begin a dialogue, so I asked everyone who has reached out to share their experiences of how they're helping -- so that others would be inspired to act through the actions of others.

It worked!

I received several e-mails about how readers immediately opened their hearts and volunteered -- others opened their pocketbooks and started texting their donations, while others donated money to reputable organizations in their network. Many sent us an arsenal of links to organizations who took quick action to help.

After receiving your feedback, The Go Inspire Go Team was inspired to take action.

Several people e-mailed and commented telling us about MedShare.Org , a nonprofit out of Decatur, Georgia and San Leandro, California. For 11 years, MedShare has been collecting, sorting and shipping surplus medical supplies from hospitals (supplies that would've otherwise ended up in the garbage) to more than 80 countries. MedShare already had a shipment en route to a hospital in Haiti before the earthquake, however, a team of thousands work feverishly to send over more than half a million dollars worth of medical supplies to Haiti.

The Go Inspire Go team visited the folks at MedShare in San Leandro and created this video to inspire you to volunteer or donate your time to this amazing group and/or to do whatever you can to HELP HAITI -- NOW. Please watch, share and DO SOMETHING.

Shortly after posting this video on our Web site, many people living in the San Francisco area connected with our team; we even arranged a conference call to brainstorm what we can do to help. Many volunteers wanted to collect children's clothes and/or linens. However, we've been researching how to get the goods over to Haiti. Currently, we're having trouble finding an organization to help us deliver the goods once we've collected them. If you or anyone you know could help, please e-mail us!

As I write, family, friends and strangers carry lifeless bodies to cemeteries where other piles of flesh and bones pile up. There is simply not enough room to bury the dead. On the streets, countless victims bear open wounds. Apocalyptic images and sounds plaster our TV sets and computer screens -- the desperate need for food, water, shelter and proper medical care remain. Still, more than two weeks after the earthquake hit, miraculously, people are still being pulled out of the rubble alive.

I'm urging everyone who is reading to do something; donate money, resources and your time to help. People in Haiti need you. Humanity needs you. Please e-mail and comment on this blog and share what you're doing.

SPECIAL THANKS: GO Inspire GO volunteers, Ashley Lopez and Luis Pena-Philippides(production), Jessica Chang (co-writing MedShare story), Lorelle Graffeo (Help Haiti Logo and Web Design), Kevin Lee (programming).