12/16/2006 01:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gift Recommendation: A Solid Dose of Optimism.

While the Masons offer secret handshakes and Shriners offer the secret of how to drive a really tiny car, there is now a single volume that unveils a broad array of secrets we can actually use: Secrets of the Superoptimist.

This slim collection tells it like is, providing - in a highly amusing and easily digestible form - a wide variety of rules for being more optimistic than you were ten minutes ago. While some come from a traditional perspective (Good: nuts and pineapples, Bad: chairs and televisions) there are a host of fresh insights that manage to both enlighten and entertain.

Give a copy to a petulant teenager, give a copy to an old curmudgeon, give a copy to your depressed roommate, stick one in the bathroom and leave a copy in a motel on top of the Gideon bible.

Because with two more years of Bush ahead of us and global warming on the rise, we're going to need every ounce of optimism out there.

Secrets of the Superoptimist