05/09/2006 09:26 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mr. President, this is not a video game

Viewing the excellent photo-art in Vanity Fair that imagined the Hamptons and Manhattan beneath the floods of global warming, my only thought was that the voters in those districts already supported Kyoto and restricting emissions. What about Ft. Lauderdale, Galveston, um, Kennebunkport?

Now, everyone can see what they're in for once the glaciers melt and the oceans rise. Introducing Global Warming, the interactive preview.

Much thanks to for pointing out this Google Maps hack that shows how your city will fare as the world's oceans rise -- how much will be underwater as the sea rises to different depths:

Educators should be sending this out to all their students, voters should forward it to their legislators (especially voters in the flooded regions), and it would be nice if someone showed it to Bush. You can almost see him slumped behind his Oval Office desk playing with it while the rest of the room meets about something else.

Somehow I still don't think he'll get the point.

But maybe other people will.