09/29/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Oh, He Has the Experience

There will be a lot of very expensive hard hitting advertising and a lot of long-winded rhetoric about whether Barack Obama has the "experience" necessary to be president.

Actually, he has plenty of experience, after all, he has just aced the ultimate test for any politician of the 20th or the 21st Century, the test no other politician could pass.

He beat the Clintons.

Beating these two isn't any minor feat. The Clintons stand indisputably as the most formidable political opponents of our time. Let's just look back over the last sixteen years at just some of the people who have, in one way or another, tried:

George Herbert Walker Bush, Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Kenneth Starr, Trent Lott, Bob Barr, The Wall Street Journal, the RNC, the NRA, Fox News, Paula Jones and the Rutherford Institute, Rudy Giuliani, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Armey, Bob Livingston, Henry Hyde, Rick Lazio, Jeanine Pirro, John Spencer, Reverend Moon, Paul Tsongas, Bob Kerry, Ralph Nader, David Brock, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Richard Mellon Scaife, and, of course, Linda Tripp.

It's a formidable list (okay, not counting Ann Coulter,) many of them were heavily funded, many of them were well organized, and collectively they had millions of people listening to them at any given time, but they just couldn't stop Bill and then they couldn't stop Hillary.

I'm relatively agnostic on the subject myself, I voted for Bill twice but supported Hillary's opponent Jonathan Tasini in the last New York primary. But I think we all know, even from afar, just what incredibly strong, intimidating opponents they can be.

It wasn't a simple victory, it took twenty-two months of organizing, campaigning, deal making, and just plain hard work. Obama led a massive campaign staff and inspired an army of volunteers. He built and ran a complex organization across fifty states that faced the well entrenched Clinton network at every turn. He and his team out-strategized, out-maneuvered, and out-thought them season after season, working every single day against one of the smartest, most well financed political operations ever to walk the earth.

So, if this one term Senator from the Midwest can, in less than two years, mobilize an army strong enough to overpower those two, honestly I think he's going to find the rest of Washington pretty easy to handle. We just need to give him our support.