10/16/2012 04:51 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Why Gay Republicans Should Vote for Obama

Almost 30 percent of gay people voted Republican in 2010. So here's why they should vote for Obama this time.

The economics are good. Under Obama, stock prices have soared, the financial industry has been stabilized, student loan interest rates lowered, veterans benefits secured and provided, the American automotive industry saved and flourishing, equal pay for equal work protected, and Bin Laden removed.

These are conservative issues. A stable environment for business and wealth creation, which entails ensuring an educated workforce and an equal playing field for women. A strong foreign policy, and aggressive pursuit of justice for harms against this country, while ensuring international respect among nations, that is now quite strong.

On energy, domestic oil production is at an all time high, and imports at an all time low. The automobile deal set gas efficiency goals, embraced by industry, that will double the mileage on a gallon of gas, essentially cutting prices in 1/2 over the next decade. And he adeptly handled natural disasters after the spill in the Gulf and the Hurricane in the Northeast.

The economic crisis facing health care was also averted. If we did not tackle health care reform, it would have quickly consumed most of our productivity, meaning we would be working about 1/3 of our lives just to pay for health care. This still needs work. But going back is just pandering. It's not an option because too many people are already benefiting, and the insurance industry just got a huge boost in customers.

Finally, even if you don't vote on gay issues, it is significant that the United States has declared to the world that gay rights are human rights. You may feel safe and fine, or that no harm has come to you or others because of discrimination in America. But in Africa, people are hunted, raped and killed because they are gay or lesbian. Now Obama and Hillary have made it clear: they are not alone.

So whether moved by religious values of compassion for others, or simple humanity, that all people deserve to live with dignity, President Obama has set a new standard for the voiceless. And by securing the economic stability of our country, has poised the United States to advance the future of human rights, democracy and economic prosperity for all people.

If you are disappointed in Obama for not doing more, then reconsider what any one person can be expected to accomplish in 3 1/2 years. Then think again about what we faced in 2010, when you last voted Republican. Remember that the Republican House purposefully blocked economic recovery bills to undermine the President's hope of re-election. Remember that Romney will not show you his tax returns or disclose his off shore accounts. And remember that the Republicans intend to amend the Constitution to outlaw your marriage, even if the Supreme Court supports us, as anticipated by June 2013.

Against this, consumer confidence is at a 4 year high, the stock market is booming, the housing market is returning, both wars are ending, unemployment is under 8%, and we are unquestionably on a roll as democracy sprouts new life around the globe. America is poised to be a great leader again, but it's important that that leadership be principled.

President Obama is a man of principle. His support for LGBT rights and his clear intention to advance our equality under the law at home and abroad demonstrate this. His respect for others is virtually a short-coming as political campaigning goes. So, against the advice of many, he still pronounced his support for marriage equality, a dicey idea by any measure, demonstrating that this man does what is right, not what is politically expedient. Some might say he even acts against his own self-interest, but his self-interest is in doing what is right, that's how he sees it. He knew he could not face himself if he had run and lost, but had bet against equality.

So if these ideals are to take hold in our politics, we have to pay tribute to principles and reward right action by taking right action ourselves. We have to buttress those who point us forward on justice and equality. Who help Americans when they are down. Who believe in the truth. Believe in community. Who believe in you.

President Obama believes in you. And he needs your vote. We all do. If you like Mitt Romney, then hold that thought for four more years. For now, all indications are that we are on the right path. So let's follow it four more years, and then in 2016, if you're not happy... roll the dice.