03/06/2015 10:33 am ET Updated May 06, 2015

WEF: 15 women changing the world in 2015

Steve Debenport via Getty Images

In recognition of International Women's Day on Sunday, March 8th, I am honored to join the World Economic Forum in celebrating women who are making a difference all over the globe.

Women whose names we know and many who we will never know struggle daily for balance in a world not always tilted in their favor. I have seen the women in my life shoulder their responsibilities as mothers, leaders and change-makers with grace and determination. Their achievements open doors, break through ceilings and give hope for a more equal future for us all.

Let us make gender equality a reality by continuing to recognize and challenge conventions that seek to minimize the achievements of women and girls. Let us rid ourselves of arbitrary yardsticks that judge women by standards not of our own choosing, but of a society content to limit women to the ideals of the past. Let us make it a priority to see all women reach their full potential and surge forward toward gender equality in 2015.

Please join me and the World Economic Forum in celebrating the unstoppable women in your lives.

15 women changing the world in 2015