10/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Media and Political Things to Ponder While Stuck in Traffic

• If a Walter Cronkite auditioned for a major news anchor job today, he would not get on the call-back sheet. The moustache, alone, would kill it.

• Shouldn't MSNBC's Chris Matthews sometimes let guests finish their answers?

• Aren't 'special interests' the foundation of our pluralistic nation? Didn't the back-and-forth between the ideological special interests of Adam's Federalists and Jefferson's Republicans create our enduring Constitution?

• When a politician can fill 84,000 arena seats with adoring fans, how do you spin that as a negative?

• The first duty of a free press is to make a profit, said Chicago Tribune founder, Col. Robert McCormick. With their newspaper revenue declining so much and their news pages and staff diminisihng, why does the Tribune company want to sell their profitable Chicago Cub franchise?

• 'The abuses of the press has generated a scatological political culture never before seen by any civilized country,' was Thomas Jefferson's observation in 1800.

• Do politicians and TV pundits with comb-overs actually think they're fooling anyone?

• Has Keith Olberman become the Rush Limbaugh of the left?

• 87% of all newspapers, radio and TV networks, local radio and TV stations are owned by giant corporations.

• When politicians say "...the only poll that matters is the one on election day," they know they're going to lose.

• Does the name Wolf Blitzer actually appear on his birth certificate?

• "The Middle East is the testicles of the west. If you want to make them scream, that's where you squeeze" said Former Soviet Chairman, Nikita Khrushchev

• When leaders describe their discussions as 'frank and candid' doesn't that mean they can't agree on anything?

• Assume nothing, question everything should be the guiding principal for all news reporters -- and news consumers.

• Pubic opinion is shaped by emotion, not reason, says Aristotle. Which is why going on "Oprah" and "The Daily Show," for candidates, is more important than "Meet the Press?"

• Mike Wallace started out a quiz show host on radio for "The Big Surprise" and "Who Pays?"

• The median salary for all female reporters in the U.S. is under $40,000.

• Talk about media spin: how can Belgian-owned Budweiser still claim to be an American beer? Does that mean Toyota is an American car?