07/19/2012 11:40 am ET Updated Sep 18, 2012

Note to Future: It's All on the Fridge

And by fridge, I mean refrigerator or, if you're already in the geezer zone -- icebox. The odds are quite high that, right now, your fridge is so much more than just a receptical for food. It is also disguised as a home art gallery. Take a look. No matter what color it's suppose to be, the fridge is bound to be a mishmash of various colors and shapes.

There's probably a gaggle of photos -- not good enough for framing or the family album but a must for the fridge. These are usually being held by little magnets in the shape of fruits which are interspersed with fire, police, doctor, poison control, the pet vet and a host of emergency numbers.

There's also could be a clip magnet clutching a variety of discount coupons for the cleaners and mechanics and every fast food joint within 5 miles, new tires, new teeth and and 20-percent-off certificate for a colonoscopy that's been on the fridge door for a year now.

But the featured attraction is undoubtedly the family's 7-year-old crayon artwork which is a maelstrom of abstract figures that could be mistaken for something quite disturbing if you look at it long enough.

The point here is that eons from now, when our hairless ancestors are spelunking for 21st century artifacts to unlock they key to who we were -- it's all on the fridge. They certainly will learn from our books, literature, music, movies and a host of cultural artifacts. But if they are lucky enough to dig up one of our refrigerators with its pizza and liposuction coupons still preserved -- they will truly know who we really were in the 21st century.

What's on your fridge?