03/13/2008 06:52 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

SpitzerFest: Let the Good Times Roll!

Thanks goodness for SpitzerFest. Yes, it's a tragedy on so many personal and societal levels -- but isn't it one of life's ironies that there are always folks who benefit from misfortune? Electronic news, like cable TV and the Internet, were certainly looking at a viewer slow-down with the Pennsylvania's presidential primary so far off. You got to figure, it's a challenge for the Clinton and Obama oppo-research hunters to keep feeding the 24/7 news cycle with newly tainted meat. So, the media gods were certainly smiling on all newsies when the NY Governor stepped up to the microphones this week -- then stepped down from office. With new revelations coming out daily, plus the legal, societal, political and personal stories yet to come, this will do for ratings and circulation what O.J. Simpson and Sen. Larry Craig did for weeks to come.

If you're an editor or producer in a news operation, you are scanning for every possible side-bar angle to keep SpitzerFest going. Why did Spitzer have to import a call-girl from NY to Washington? Isn't this an insult to Washington's elite prostitutes? Maybe call girls in D.C. are now being called interns or pages. And speaking of hookers, call girls and prostitutes, when did they become 'sex workers' -- an ID seen on many TV screens? Does this mean serial killers should now be called 'elimination engineers,' or gangsters 'crime workers?'

Producers have already booked former 'sex executives' like Heidi Fleiss to give high-level insight into low-life operations. They can help answer the question of why take the train from NY to D.C. instead of a commuter plane for the alpha-dog governor? Apparently it's easier to transport certain paraphernalia on a train where there's no TSA to look through your carry-on, explained one former love agent on Larry King.

There's also a business angle to SpitzerFest. The new Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal, and Maria Bartiromo, Jim Cramer or Donny Deutsch might want to explore the risk-management benefits of unprotected sex, or the return-on-investment of the alpha dog's $80,000 expenditure over the years.

In newsrooms around the country, you know they are intoxicated with the possibilities. So much to cover. So many news holes to fill. So many viewers, listeners and readers to captivate. Let's hear it for SpitzerFest!