06/27/2013 04:51 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Love Is Love

I don't understand why being gay or marriage equality is even news worthy. Go to any newspaper or news site and you can find at least one story that is gay related, daily. Trust me I tell you none of our lives are that interesting. Some our lives may be different than what others would consider "normal" and I use that word extremely loosely, but when it comes right down to it is all about one thing, love, plain and simple.

Everybody in every corner of the world wants to be loved, whether it is by family, friends or a spouse. No one wants to go through life alone and unloved. It's a basic human need to be loved. So why is there an issue over who one group of individuals' love?

Being loved by some one and loving someone is one of the greatest gifts that anyone can receive. So shouldn't we celebrate when love is found instead of judging and stating one type of love is less than another or immoral?

Who are we to define what love is because let's be honest no one can really explain love. Love is some thing that is undefinable and unexplainable. It's something that just happens some times it takes us by surprise, sometimes it develops over time and sometimes it strikes like lighting. If love was so easy everyone would be in love and no one would ever fall out of love. It is one of the greatest mysteries in life.

If love was so easy to define or even control we would never fall in love with the wrong person. We would never do stupid things for love. It is the most powerful emotion any of us will ever experience.

When I look around the world and see people in love I don't see "straight" love or "gay" love all I see is love. The dynamics of any given relationship varies from relationship to another and may be different but the core of all relationships is love.

How I choose to express my love may differ than how some one else chooses to express their love for their spouse but the love we are both feeling is the same I have no doubt of that. My love for Vivian is the most important thing in my life and I do not allow any one else to define it for me or tell me it's immoral, wrong or not real. That would be an insult to what Vivian and I have shared for the last 10 years and the rest of our lives together.

So please remember Love is Love, plain and simple, and let's celebrate it rather than judge it.

This post originally appeared on Diary of a Drag Queen's Husband. This was written to celebrate the 25 couples who took off on the C-Bus of Love from Columbus Ohio and traveled to Washington DC last Friday June 21, 2013, to be legalled married. Now with the death of DOMA their marriages will be recognized by the Federal Government. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!