07/22/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bush is the Oil Companies' Scott McClellan

Why is it we should listen to anything GW Bush says on the subject of oil? In addition, why does he think we still haven't figured out that he is, was and always will be a shill for oil companies.

Everything out of his mouth concerning oil drilling, oil prices, oil anything should be treated as what it is, a message from the oil companies.

We figured out that his war was for the control of oil. Not for drilling more but for drilling less. Just as they haven't produced more domestic oil and gasoline, once they've officially gotten their mitts on Iraq's oil, they'll leave it in the ground. The less they produce, the more it costs. Simple plan.

The simpletons who believe that Bush is on any side of the issue other than the oil companies'? They're the ones who believe that Obama is a Muslim.

At least the Dems in Congress are on the right side of this one. Harry Reid said today, "We want oil and gas companies to drill on the leases they've been given," according to The Hill. He could have added, "How about a few more refineries?"

What's pathetic is the tone Bush evoked in today's statement. Someone told him that the presidency is a bully pulpit. He just remembers the "bully" part. His desperation is a dangerous thing. His lies mount even as they become more transparent.

He's Scott McClellan for the oil companies. And a bad one.

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