09/11/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Outside Portland Town Meeting, Things are Sunny

Rep. David Wu (D-Oregon) is holding a town meeting at this moment. There were seats for only sixty and I was not able to get in. People started lining up before dawn this morning in front of one of the Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital buildings where the meeting was scheduled for noon.

I am happy to report that although there were scattered anti-health care legislation protesters, the overwhelming majority of the several hundred people who showed up were in favor of change.

There was sporadic chanting of "Health Care Now," but for the most part, in keeping with the nature of the city, people were friendly.

They carried signs saying, "Insurance Profits Bad For My Health," "Poor Health Care Is a WMD," "Health Care Can't Wait," "Standing Together for Health Reform, " and "Mad as Hell for Single Payer."

Well, the anti-health care folks weren't friendly, but for the most part things were just fine.