01/10/2007 05:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Will the Media Revert to Cowardice?

What will be interesting to see this evening is how much of a break the networks and news channels (not Fox News) give Bush when he's finished his hubris. Time after time, we've heard drivel and weak obsequies from the gathered reporters and pundits after a major Bush speech.

Will they reflect the polls and take the gloves off? We know Olbermann will. But in times like these, they have always bowed and scraped to the office and the power. It's one of the things that got us in this mess.

They may have enough cover now. They haven't gotten any more courageous, but when only 28% of the polled population supports Bush's war, the media have someplace to hide.

Today's news channels have programmed like this speech was the Super Bowl. I'm hoping John Madden will be there to telestrate as Bush reads.

What's the Vegas line on the outcome?