12/14/2006 03:01 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

W's Smirk is Back

The arrogance and condescension is back in his voice and the smirk is back on his face...the straining to convince us that what he believes is right because he believes it; and exactly what's wrong with us for not believing him? He's leaning forward with that "Don't you KNOW? Don't you understand what I'm SAYING? Is it too COMPLICATED for you? What I'm saying is so OBVIOUS. Why don't you GET it?"

And the look that says, "How many times do I have to TELL you this before you GET it?"

In other words, after a short period of looking "thumped," he is back with all the aspects about him that Americans have rejected, those things that have made him the laughing stock of the world. The only ones not laughing are those who have suffered and continue to suffer and die under his regime.

Did you see him yesterday at his "news" conference with the military? Did you hear him talk about how brilliant they were? And did you notice the two guys flanking him? The one on the right who looked like his head had been used as a bowling ball and the one on the left who had apparently added an extra couple of stories to his forehead. They looked about as brilliant as the slow class at The United States Military College at Mortville.

Am I disrespecting the troops? I think I am. Think about it, what kind of idiot do you have to be to join the military this month? To fight for what? Has anybody told the troops over there that they're getting killed so some fat guys in Washington and Texas can buy mansions, stuff their faces and purchase whores?

You know what I call someone who puts on a uniform and flies to the other side of the world to risk his life for the Republican Party? I call him a terminal fool.

But then, that's what I've been calling W since the moment I first saw him. As part of the media pack when he visited Portland, Oregon in the spring of 2000, before the Republican Convention, I got to be close to him. The first thing I noticed was that his neck was bright red. A sure sign of a drunk.

The second thing I noticed was that, like James Webb, I wanted to slap his monkey face. He was just like all of the fratboy assholes I had ever known. I have never wanted to have a beer, a line of coke with him, or spend another single moment in his presence.

So when he walked out with those stuffed uniforms yesterday, and his mouth formed that ugly smirk, and he said, once again that his way was the only way and fuck Baker and fuck Hamilton and the stretch limos they rode in on, I didn't feel quite a bad as usual. Why? Because he's a pitiful isolated lonely lunatic, clinging to power and ridiculed behind his back by everyone in the world. America's friends, its enemies, its trading partners, even countries who could give a rat's ass what happens in America are laughing at him.

We're all laughing at you George. Don't you get it? Even old Gerald Ford who did absolutely nothing as President, and got fired before he could fall down another time, even HE was voted a better president than W....and by a huge margin.

Wipe if off, W, the Dems haven't even started the hearings yet.