12/09/2013 04:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Another Miami Art Week Under Our Belts


Sometimes I think the Miami Art Week shows are more about the people than the art; you meet so many people. But, then again, it's the art that has drawn everyone together.


We ventured out to Wynwood on Saturday after doing Basel and Design Miami on South Beach earlier in the week; and, while it was crowded, it wasn't that bad and neither was the traffic. We parked at Morgan's on 29 Street, and left the car there. I don't know if we were supposed to, but knowing the owners helps.


I love these busts, they looked like a clay head, but they stretched like this. She is actually stretching it out, like Silly Putty. It's actually paper, created by Beijing artist Li Hongbo. The exhibit is called "Flexible Paper Sculptures."

We hit Art Miami, Red Dot, Spectrum and basically every place in between. We ran into friends and the whole Wynwood area was a party. Murals were being painted right there on the warehouse/galleries, and art flowed out from the galleries onto the streets.


Our favorite had to be a pop-up tent restaurant next to Morgan's called the Annex Concept. Owner Steve, a designer, got together with his friend Gavin, from New Zealand -- now a Miamian -- and in just five weeks, they put together an incredibly large tent with all sorts of antiques and rustic touches, and a short menu with lots of delicious food. There were pastries, too, and beer and wine.

We had lunch there, and then ended up back for a nightcap later on. At one point, we sat at a long, wooden table and ended up in the middle of a party -- a girls night out. One of the girls said this was her third or fourth visit, and they have only been open a week. Gavin, one of the owners spent a lot of time with us -- very patient he is.


Those are old suitcases that line one section of one of the walls, next to that are all sorts of 19th century items. The seating is very eclectic. It's all quite comfortable.

The Annex Concept may be around until Christmas, they are trying to stay that long and be open on weekends. It's a shame to see it go, the atmosphere and food are really great.

So another Art Basel/Art Miami week comes to an end. Monday, the tents come down, the art goes back home -- hopefully most of the pieces sold.

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Tom Falco at Art Miami.