01/04/2015 03:36 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2015

Is 2015 the Year of Living Tiny?

There is a new movement going on regarding tiny homes. There are a couple of tv shows regarding house hunting and/or physically having them built from kits and now there is a thing where cargo containers are being made into tiny homes. I like this. It's a nice reprise from what seems to be a non-stop onslaught of McMansions popping up where they don't belong.

A $2000 shipping/cargo container can be turned into an off-the-grid home. At Art Basel in Miami, they've turned shipping containers into pop-up art galleries strewn throughout a park. I vaguely remember enjoying a program years ago, on HGTV, that featured how to live in tiny spaces, this featured homes and if I remember correctly, a container or two. Cargo containers are usually about  45' long x 8' wide x 8.5' tall.

I don't know why, but I've always liked the small confines of a small place. When I was a kid, I would imagine my bedroom as a trailer somewhere out in the desert. The closet was the kitchen, my desk was the kitchen table, my bed doubled as a bed and a couch. The window was the trailer window and the door was the entry to the trailer. My own Streamline, it was.

I live in a relatively large condo, about 2,000 square feet, so I don't actually live in a tiny house, but I would like to. I love those images on HGTV of tree houses where people live full time.

When I'm traveling and in a hotel room, I imagine it to be my home, the whole room, especially in New York, where most apartments are small anyway.

It would be amazing to sell my condo and move into a tiny home. I'm not a pack rat, but I do like to save things, so that could be a problem. But where I can get claustrophobic when it comes to a lot of people being in a small space, I do like being in small spaces by myself.

While I seem to be outside most of the time, I spend my time at home writing, cartooning and watching tv, so I think I can manage that all in a tiny space. I don't cook, I eat over the sink and I don't use half of my current living space now. I think it could work.