09/30/2014 03:34 pm ET Updated Nov 30, 2014

Celebrating What Government Gets Right

The federal government is responsible for numerous important accomplishments due to the talented and dedicated people who have chosen to serve, but too few Americans outside or even inside government know about many of these achievements.

As federal leaders, you should be advocates for government's successes and the people under your supervision who are doing great work.

Often, our government has to play defense, particularly when stories break about what's not working. We need to spend more time on offense, for the morale of the federal workforce, and so that the public understands how much great work is happening on their behalf. To get the best from our government, we need to celebrate what's right.

It also is important to hold yourself accountable for your employee viewpoint survey results on the question of whether they are satisfied with the recognition they receive for doing a good job. In government as a whole, only 40 percent of employees are satisfied with the recognition they receive, whereas in the private sector 64 percent are satisfied. We have to reward people who dare to challenge the status quo and take risks.

This post was originally featured on The Washington Post's website.