08/30/2006 11:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Uncle Gandhi Needs You!

We must be close. The end must be near. The stars have aligned. The tea leaves have spoken. Here is the proof-

1. Fox News uses Don King and Richard Simmons as post Katrina experts
2. John Mark Karr not guilty or even connected
3. CBS touches up Katie Couric's picture to make her look thinner
4. Tom Cruise is dumped by Paramount

The 24 hour news stations strike again. Because of the never ending struggle to fill up a variety of full time news stations, we are once again bombarded over and over and over again with senseless information. Just when you thought it was safe to watch the news, the coverage reaches new lows. The runaway train of the 24 hour news has found some new black holes to take us into. Why not use Don King to consult on the latest in stylish hair? Why not use Richard Simmons to consult on how to attract women? John Mark Karr probably will probably have a job waiting for him in the Deception Department of one of the networks when he gets out. I am not sure, but I think he might have had something to do with the doctoring of Katie's picture. And Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. Do we really care that much?

And just in case you don't think the above non-information is proof enough that the apocalypse is near, may I remind you of the last piece of the puzzle.


The above mentioned items are only a fraction of the non-news issues we have thrown at us each day. As we were listening to these thought provoking and in depth stories, many people avoid the fact that thousands have died in Iraq including 61 more U.S. soldiers in August. Many of us missed the fact that the dollar cost of the war just passed $310,000,000.00. For those of you who are having trouble with all those zeros, the number is THREE HUNDRED TEN BILLION DOLLARS. Thousands upon thousands of people without safe housing have to see trailers sit while Uncle Sam's red tape keeps them from having a decent place to live a year after Katrina hit. As we deal with important things like Katie's waist line, 24,000 people die from hunger or hunger related causes every single day.

Let's steal from the movie Network and get mad as hell and not take it anymore. It is time for us to focus our time, money, energy and power on moving the world forward. The time for talk has ended. It is time for the dreamers to take action. The answers to all the questions are in our hands and hearts. Today is the day for us to exercise our passion for compassion and change the world. As Gandhi taught, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world."