02/08/2007 02:06 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Audacity of Dopes III

Madam Speaker,

Here are today's examples of why you must immediately move to begin the impeachment process:

In its zeal to reward its base of the ultra rich, the White House's anti-regulatory FDA reversed the 14 year ban on silicon breast implants despite proven health risks to America's women, yet again appeasing corporate special interests and bowing to pressure from lobbyists representing plastic surgeons and implant manufacturers.
In addition, over at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), the White House reproposed the nomination of anti-regulation zealot Susan Dudley, whose nomination had been vetoed last year.
Rather than take no for an answer--which in this case, like so many others with The President, translates as 'heeding the will of the people and adhering to the rules of government'--Bush not only renominated Dudley, but is suggesting installing her as 'senior advisor' to the current acting OIRA administrator, effectively sidestepping the nomination process. This would mean a woman who has spent her career opposing industry regulations and guidelines, who's nomination was opposed by the public, would now be in charge of enforcing crucial labor protection such as workplace safety rules.
Are you so afraid of the anti-democracy forces in The White House that you are willing to ignore assaults on the safety and welfare of America's women and it's workforce?

We realize that the above are not impeachable offenses, unlike the lying to the public to justify the invasion of Iraq, the illegal NISA wiretapping, and military tribunals and denial of habeas corpus to prisoners at Guatanamo.

But one hopes that the historically unprecedented
madman in the White House would not be emboldened enough to continue these assaults on the citizens of the United States if impeachment was underway. One thing is certain, though--if the president were removed from office, he would no longer have the power to commit such acts.

The world is waiting for you and your fellow Democrats to wake up. Will today be the day?

Tomorrow we'll have another reason for you, as we will every day, until you accept responsibility for the public mandate that swept you into your historically unprecedented position of power.

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