03/31/2006 10:36 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Your Impeachment Primer

As the drums beat yet again to terrify us over a new 'threat' to democracy, this time from another country on the other side of the world that continues to abide by a non-proliferation treaty we violate daily, it's important to keep focussed on what's happening stateside; pensions are being flushed down the toilet, you and your kids and your spouse now EACH owe 30 grand to China to finance The Carlisle Group's plundering of Iraqi oil fields, and America is about to legalize slavery under the nice sounding 'guest worker program.'

He's gotta go, folks.

If you want to know what's happening in Iraq, look at New Orleans, If you want to know what's in store for Social Security, look at New Orleans, If you want to now what plans they have for your pensions, clean drinking water, stewardship of the country's natural resources -- look at New Orleans. This is their idea of planning.

It's happening, and will continue to happen, until you stop it.

And the way to stop it is impeachment.

STOP right now, all you supporters of inertia that instantly cry, 'but that means Cheney will be president!' and consider these three facts;

1) Cheney already is president.

2) The sheer act of a populace raising up with one voice and saying 'you gotta go' revivifies the democratic process, reminds these crooks they DO actually have somebody to answer to -- us -- and

3) engages the populace in reforming their government.

There is no downside. Your doing nothing only emboldens them to do more.

So here's what I propose; a series of columns that explores what you and I -- average Americans -- can do to take back our country and revivify the democratic process -- and derail all the future disasters we know are inevitably in the works. That process begins with impeachment -- not the mid-term elections, but IMPEACHMENT.

These columns are a DIALOGUE, between me and you, and between you and you. We have enormous resources at our disposal of differing magnitudes and finances, and we need to all contribute what we know, from governmental organizations, websites, charity and church groups, to brainstorming grass roots ideas. We all have ideas and resources, let's share them here and now -- before it's too late, and let's keep the focus on one thing; impeachment.

SO, this first installment from me will be along the lines of relatively established resources and legal avenues, and the next column will have to do with grass roots ideas -- all the way down to handing out leaflets at your PTA meeting.

What I want from you is a change in identity; consider yourself not readers but participants in this exchange. For this series of columns -- the YOUR IMPEACHMENT PRIMER series, let's make the comments section a place for resource material ONLY -- no bravos or kudos, lengthy anecdotes about why things won't work, rantings about the disempowerment of the little guy or the complicity of mass media. Simply provide the facts and resources in your comments so other readers can access them, and maybe do the same. Think of it as a massive bibliography section that we are compiling together over the next few weeks, one that will never stop growing.

This week let's focus on links, sites, orgs, and articles -- like say, Lewis Lapham's recent essay on impeachment in Harper's, or Elizabeth Holtzman's in The Nation -- to resource basics like Public Citizen or MoveOn.

Let's make this not only the longest comments section Huffpost has ever seen, but a piece of interactive democracy and research that will continue on and on around the internet like a virus -- actually, like an inoculation.

Next entry, we can share all our ideas about innovative grass roots activism -- from standing on your highway exit with a sign to writing letters to your church newsletter to rubber-stamping onto ads in the subway.

We can do this -- and when you begin to waver or doubt, focus on one of these four things; 1) he lied to the world and bankrupted America by invaded a country to steal it's oil, 2) we saw him ON VIDEOTAPE being warned about Katrina and he did NOTHING as one of our great cities was wiped off the map, 3) he plunged you and every member of your family into debt to the tune of 30 grand, so the execs of no-bid corporation like Halliburton can become billionaires by giving US GI's poisoned drinking water, and 4) he condones torture.

Kind of a no-brainer, wouldn't you say?

Share those resources!! is an excellent place to begin, especially their Democracy In Action program, and they make it very easy to contact your gov't reps.

Bush"s Divorce from Reality is a good essay from Ralph Nader on your patriotism compelling you to impeach the president.

John Conyers (e-mail), a patriot of the highest order, is on the forefront of the impeachment movement and has authored a bill (House Resolution 635) urging it as well as compiling an exhaustive study justifying it.

UN Weapon's Inspector Scott Ritter's testimony at the Bush Crimes Commission.

Here are some more links that can get you started, and can help us begin a historically unprecedented move for impeachment.



Center for Constitutional Rights


Impeach Bush: The Four Reasons for Responsible Citizenship

Impeach Bush Meetup

Impeach Bush Coalition

Remember, post comments that are factual only. We need to help each other make this happen. Let's not waste time here with bravos or personal anecdotes. The time to act is NOW, and what we are creating is a chain reaction that will energize our democracy.