09/21/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Don Blanquito: Get Down, Dirty, and Feel the Beat (VIDEO: Explicit)

Don Blanquito is a man possessed. The tough guy with a million dollar smile was born an Angeleano but Rio pours from his eyes.

Rio is energy. At night, walking through the streets the city is part circus, part detective story, and all soul. The sounds, smells and sights throw you left-of-center and up to the moon. It's a place where there's always energy 'cause everybody's hungry for more. Rio has a sound of its own. If you let it, it pulls and pushes, gyrates and turns you. Now Rio's soulful nightclubs have created an undeniable sensation.

Don Blanquito has things on his mind: music, life, Los Angeles, Brazil, success, and lots of women. He's a guy who knows his brand, and sells it with such aplomb you can hardly believe he's real.

After seeing him in a Rio nightclub, we made plans to sit down to talk when he was back in Los Angeles. I caught up him in June on his way to NYC. He recently began posting on youtube; just that thought made me smile.

When Madonna burst onto the scene in the 82, people couldn't believe it, now her brand of sex and music has a male face.
Put down your guns rappers, mover over Justin, there's a new man around with a Brazilian urban sound, he's a man possessed and poised to be heard.