03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mr. President: How About "Good Men" Day?

I realize Afghanistan is important. I'm all for doing something about global warming. The health care system is broken. But frankly I am more concerned about something a hell of a lot more basic. And I wish our President were too.

Why are one in eight African-American men 18 to 34 in prison? Why can't the majority of high school students in our country who receive federal assistance read at grade level? Why does teenage pregnancy leave so many child-mothers to fend for themselves?


Thirty million children in our country have no contact with their fathers. That simple fact impacts everything else. These girls, and specially boys have no role models. Worse their role models are in jail or selling drugs.

I believe saving those 30 million kids is as important as anything else we can do about our collective future. I have been trying to get senators and President Obama to listen but the myriad of other crises have overshadowed any discussion of our fatherless children. So we are taking the issue to the streets by making December 1st "Good Men Day."

To break the cycle of neglect The Good Men Project has started the conversation amongst men of all walks of life -- black, white, rich, poor, gay, straight -- about what it means to be a good father, son, husband and employee. We've produced a film and published a book of men's stories. We have an active online discussion and have gone to prisons, boys schools and churches.

Good Men Day comes down to two simple things:

* Donating $24.99 to The Good Men Foundation to help these children (and get the book and DVD to use as a holiday gift)

* Tell your friends and family

And if you happen to know President Obama we'd like a word with him.

Let's all do our part to talk about manhood and change the lives of the children who have no fathers. Our collective future depends on it.

(To find out more about where your money will go click HERE)