The Very Short Tale of the Hare on the Chair

06/27/2014 01:58 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2014

"Where is the hare?"
"Oh, no! On the chair!"
"You swear?"
"Over there!"
"With his nails and his bunny tail bare?"
"You care?"
"Oh yes! Beware! An Impending Nightmare!"
"A rip or a tear?"
"Or worse! We need some small underwear!"
"I'm afraid, alas, there is none to spare!"
"The things that I bear!"
"But this is so rare!"
"It's just not fair!"
"Should I chase him away, and right down the stair?"
"Oh me! Oh my! Do you really dare?"
"There's no other choice of which I'm aware!"
"But, this is a job that we should both share."
"Yes! First, you stand right over here,
and shout and wave your arms in the air."
"I will! I'll give him a jolly good scare!"
And they did, with really no further fanfare,
Which took all their brains, with none left to spare.
And, when it was done, the new fabric would wear,
not one single stain, but truly, a pair.
It looked like two bits of chocolate ᅢᄅclair
had dropped on the cloth and, in the sun's glare,
had melted and soiled it beyond any repair.
And now, when people are offered the chair,
they tarry a bit and try not to stare.
Its use has become, so sadly, too rare,
which leads to the lesson we need to declare:
Never to scare a hare on a chair.

ᅡᄅ 2014, TomVMorris.

A cautionary tale, of course, on how we deal with challenges, the unavoidable Law of Unintended Consequences, and the importance of not rushing to judgment.
Did you ever dare to scare a hare on a chair?

*First comment, from a little child: "Berry Bunny."
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