07/09/2012 07:06 am ET Updated Sep 08, 2012

Beat The Summer Heat: How To Celebrate Nude Recreation Week, July 9-15

Woof, woof, summer is less than two weeks old. If we considered seasons like dog years, summer should be considered like a friendly, playful little puppy. However, this year, summer decided to growl and snarl at us instead. It's already oppressively hot in many parts of our country. Yes, the sweltering dog days of summer are upon us. And heat waves are breaking records all across America.

I've heard many creative suggestions on how to stay cool this summer. You can dig up your back yard and create your own private mud bath. Or, put a fan in front of your freezer and have it blow on you. Speaking of freezers, chill a wet t-shirt, and wear it right before it freezes. Or put ice cubes in your pants pockets. The most interesting one yet is fill your bathtub with orange popsicles and get in. That way, besides cooling off, you'll look like you got a sunless tan too.

However, there is one sound piece of advice that you should seriously consider. It comes from America's experts on staying cool on these hot summer days. Nude sunbathers all say:

Take your clothes off and get NAKED!

While people are making plans for taking off on their summer vacations, this smart group of Americans will literally be taking off this summer. They'll be taking off their clothes while on a fun nude vacation which are also called nakations.

Not a nudist? Always wanted to try skinny dipping, but didn't know how to find a nice nudist resort? No problem. AANR, The American Association for Nude Recreation and TNS, The Naturist Society, celebrate an annual event every year. Created by The Naturist Society 37 years ago, it's called Nude Recreation Week. This year it runs July 9-15.

Nude Recreation Week is the perfect time for first-timers to visit clothing optional and nudist resorts. Vacationing at nude sunbathing resorts is one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry according to The Wall Street Journal. Carolyn Hawkins, AANR spokesperson, says, "Nude Recreation Week is the perfect time for the public to try something new and fun, while at the same time, it gives nudists all across the U.S, and Canada, an excuse to tell their friends the real reason why they always looked so relaxed and refreshed when they get back from vacations."

This annual celebration is open to everyone at more than 260 nudist clubs, parks and resorts in North America. First timers are always welcome.

Come back to this blog next week to learn all about this summers big nude event, AANR's Amazing Canvas Nudist Face and Body Painting Event held on Saturday July 14.

Nude Week!