11/04/2012 12:20 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Will Hurricane Sandy Push Florida to Obama?

Here is something to chew on for those worried that Obama will not get re-elected. It seems entirely plausible to me that when Floridians are in the voting booth ready to cast their vote, images of future and past hurricanes wrecking havoc in their state of Florida might give them pause whom to vote for. Do they want to back the guy who wants to eliminate FEMA or do they want to back the guy who goes overboard in times of crisis to help out every state in need even if their governor is his political enemy? Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey told the media that Obama called him and gave Christie his phone number to call our president if the governor needed help in expediting relief efforts for New Jersey, parts of which have been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. In fact I wonder if Chris Christie is having second thoughts about voting for Romney over Obama. When a heavy duty Republican like Chris Christie expresses such intense gratitude to Obama for helping cut through red tape so his state can more quickly get desperately needed federal assistance through FEMA, maybe, just maybe, some of the geniuses on the right ought to rethink how good an idea it is to axe FEMA from our lives.

Part of the reason I am having some hope that part of Hurricane Sandy's wake will include Obama winning Florida is something I heard Jeff Greenfield say on the Stephanie Miller Show. Her show is a nationally syndicated radio talk show that is also shown live on Current TV. Greenfield was on her show back in mid September. I happened to listen to this particular show the other day. I pay a nominal monthly fee to get access to her old shows which I listen to in my car when I get bored with the repetition and or hot air from sports radio. At the time this show was taped the conventional wisdom had Obama winning in a cakewalk. Greenfield was astute enough to point out that the fortunes of campaigns can change directions on a dime because of events that occur which neither candidate has any control over. I am pretty sure Hurricane Sandy qualifies as such an event. Greenfield was touting an ebook fantasy he recently wrote which is based on a conjecture that Gore would have won Florida in 2000 if the mother of Elián González does not drown while escaping with him from Cuba to Florida on a damaged boat. This incident led to the controversy over whom should have custody of young Elian Gonzalez. This controversy made the Cuban community hate the Clinton administration. This hatred in turn played a part in Gore not winning the Florida electoral votes which led to Bush becoming president.

Getting back to what might be going on in voters heads as they cast their vote. How many women do any of us really expect to vote for Romney knowing if they do; he will not support equal pay for women, he wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, he supports limiting access to birth control options for women, he appears to not have one iota of empathy in his being, he is part of the rich white guy crowd that treats women like 3rd class citizens. Any women who votes for this guy has to be a masochist. Women hold the real political muscle of this election given as how they make up over half the US population and especially because most of them are really really ticked off at the Republicans for all the bills they have tried to push through regarding all of the above. My observation is that anger more than anything else gets people to vote who normally are ambivalent about taking the time to register and then take more time to cast their vote.

Last but not least there are also more than a few angry Hispanics wanting to take out their frustrations in the pol booth. The pundits are saying that the Hispanic vote is going to play a critical role in this election. I suppose a lot of them will be thinking in Spanish which I don't speak so I might not be the best person to do sort of conjecture. However, taking a stab at what might be going on in their heads as they vote, I imagine they will be thinking about how Romney not only opposed the DREAM Act, he is all for any of them in the U.S. illegally, voluntarily moving back across the border on their own dime ASAP. Simply put whatever is good for the Hispanics of our country Romney is against. How many of these good citizens are really going to vote for Mitt the twit?

This all leads us back to our president. This Obama guy really is an anomaly to modern day politics. He should win Ohio because he backed the morally correct move to bail out the auto industry. He might tip the scales to his side in this election in Florida because he made the morally correct move to expedite relief help to the eastern seaboard which includes the state of New Jersey whose governor is his political enemy. He made his bitter primary foe Hillary Clinton his secretary of state and she has been brilliant at it. Obama also bent over backwards to meet with his Republican political foes in Congress to try and find some common ground over the debt ceiling crisis among other matters. Whether you agree with the president or not, the empirical evidence is that he is committed to making the right moral move in a given situation regardless of whether it is politically expedient or not or whether it works or not. He just might be starting a new political trend, do the right thing, it might actually help you win elections.