04/17/2014 10:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Hair Stylist That Changed My Son's Life

Dear Dan Hanrahan (CEO of Cool Cuts 4 Kids, Inc.),

My name is Tony Posnanski and I wanted to tell you about an experience I had at one of your locations. Well, it was actually more than just an experience to my family and me. It actually changed my family's life.

See, I have a four-year-old son. He has low motor sound auditory sensory issues. There are certain sounds that he is incredibly fearful of. We have had surgeries and have gone to occupational therapists to help. Trust me, they have helped. Yet, there are some sounds that continue to create fear and anxiety for my son.

My son has always been afraid of electric razors and blow dryers. The sound bothers him tremendously, so he gets nervous when he is around them. We did not realize this until he had his first hair cut at the barbershop Disneyworld.

That was a joy.

When my wife would take him to salons the stylists would always try to use razors to trim him up which caused him to cry hysterically. We cringed every time we had to go to get him a haircut. Just the anticipation of going for a haircut would upset my son so much he would get sick. That is until we found Cool Cuts 4 Kids in Sanford, FL.

We started to go about a year ago. We walked in and met Caris. My son ran up to her and before he got his first haircut said "No razor. No blow dryer." She started to laugh and said no problem. She cut his hair without any electrical tools and we were thrilled. It was our first haircut without a complete meltdown.

So we kept on going back. Every month or so we would wait to see when Miss Caris was working. She would always look at my son and assure him that she was not going to use a razor or blow dryer; she always remembered and reassured him. My son started to actually enjoy haircuts. He would look forward to them. What was once a pain became a joy. He would ask for his next haircut.

Well, his next haircut was this past Wednesday. My wife and I had a long day but I agreed to take him for his haircut at 2:30. We got there early and Miss Caris took us right away. He got to sit in a fire truck instead of a taxicab and he was watching Cars on a television.

While I was texting on my phone, something happened. Miss Caris looked at my son and said "Could I use a small razor on the back of your neck. I will let you hold the one I want to use." Before I could say anything she handed my son the razor. This is the first time my son did not freak out or get upset. She had earned his trust. He just looked at it. She turned it on and had him touch it, and instead of crying, my son laughed. She then asked my son if he would hold her hand and help her while she used it. For the first time, my son did not get upset when a razor was used on him or around him.

She did not have to do it. Her haircuts are great, and my son trusts her, which is why we come back all the time. She did it though and it made me feel good to see my son overcoming what has been a huge challenge for him. My wife cried when I told her and I am not going to lie, I did as well.

Few people go above and beyond of others in retail and business. I am in restaurants and I hear "I am going to call your corporate office" more than I would like to admit. Most of the time it is not for a good reason. This is a good reason!

I wanted you to know that you have an amazing employee in your company. One that cuts hair for most...

But for one family, she changed our life.


Tony Posnanski

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post incorrectly named Ron Mayle as the CEO of Cool Cuts 4 Kids, Inc. The post has been updated to correct this.