05/09/2014 02:17 pm ET Updated Jul 09, 2014

Reclaim Your Mind: Your Weekly Wake-Up Call to Become Your Greatest Fan

The poverty most likely
to destroy your life is psychological.
-- Anthony Silard

We are the owners of the thoughts we allow to take up residence in our minds.

When you are paralyzed by what your family will think about your choices, or willing to let an innovative idea die because it might not be accepted, or reluctant to share your genuine feelings because others might laugh at you, or willing to compromise who you are to keep your so-called friends by your side, you are living in the worst possible type of poverty: the kind that takes control of your mind.

You don't have to live this way. Instead of suffering for even one more moment, design your exit strategy from poverty. Shift your mental paradigm and take the leap into a spiritually affluent life that is rich, vital and authentic.

Start by viewing approval and disapproval as equally tangential to your life goals. View both as unsolicited commentaries from people in the stands that have the potential to prevent you from ever getting on base.

The next time anyone says something critical to you or about you, initiate a three-step process: First, filter their comments through your value system. Second, learn from any part you consider relevant to your growth. Third, discard the rest.