05/08/2015 04:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Best Haircuts for Your Face Shape: Lobster Edition!

With the change of seasons usually comes a hankering to switch things up and make some bolder style moves--and nothing says change better than a fresh new haircut. However, when choosing a new hairstyle, many make the mistake of not considering the best haircuts for their face shape, and this can be the difference between a fabulous new look and wanting to hide inside until Fall.

Determining your face shape can be a challenge in and of itself, so to help I've created the below handy face-shape guide.

Round Faces


Round faces are characterized by less prominent jaw lines and cheek bones. Roundys do great with longer hair styles.

Diamond Face


Your face is neither overly round nor overly square, but instead pointed at all four sides. Long hair is the go-to for this facial shape.

Lobster Face


Your face is wide at the top, narrow at the bottom. You also have claws on your face. Lobsters go great with a long haired look.

The Wizard's Sleeve


Your face is loose and wrinkly--like the sleeve of a wizard's robe. This face shape works great with longer styles.

Hobbit Feet

Hobbit feet actually have less to do with face shape and more to do with the shape of your body--specifically your short, stunted hobbit feet. Longer looks really compliment this particular type.

Now remember, rules are made to be broken, so there's definitely exceptions to all of the above. But in general, following these basic guidelines will ensure you'll be loving your summer look!