03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

David Letterman: Overblown

Okay, okay, we all learned this week David Letterman, like admittedly over 55 percent of American males, strayed outside his marital bed for some fun and games.

Everyone is yelling and screaming and blogging and carrying on, except the real truth is we have not seemed to learn or perhaps the press has not figured out the average American does not give a flying -- if someone is getting it elsewhere; wherever elsewhere may be ... especially celebrities.

I took an office poll this morning, nobody could have cared less, despite the fact it was front page on The New York Post and it's Tweeting louder than an aviary.

One person in the office said why do people go into entertainment if not to get extra sex? I think some people believe that to be true. Why else do they stand in line for a week to take a shot at American Idol?

I think the average American finds the whole thing rather ho-hum at the end of the day.
It's like a Toyota Celica got a flat tire on I-95. Big deal.

Another celebrity was caught with a girl under his desk. Who cares?

I'm sure his wife cares; though my money says she had more than a clue. She's been with him for over twenty years.

First off he's a comedian. We expect far less from them in terms of moral belt tightening than we do with our politicians.

But, it didn't do anything to hurt Bill Clinton in fact we reelected him. I think people care if you run around having second families a la John Edwards especially when you have a sick wife at home. There are depths people go we cannot tolerate -- but this is clearly not one of them.

David Letterman named his company Worldwide Pants!!!???

Perhaps he was trying to tell us something.

It doesn't make right. And I know it goes against the Commandments, but so does lot of what goes on in the world every day, most of it truly heinous.

I care about genocide, and child abuse and old people eating cat food to survive. One more entertainer getting a BJ....Pleeeeeze.

And let's face it people have been coveting they neighbors wife, thy neighbors pool boy, thy second assistant, thy paralegal with the long legs, thy Ecuadorian barista not to mention thy au pair since the beginning of time.

By giving it all this ink I think we just make it weirdly that much more appealing.

There is the argument he took advantage of girls who worked for him.

He had a responsibility as head of Worldwide Pants (I'm sorry it's too funny) to hold up a standard of behavior. Yeah that's probably true, but so do professors who have been bonking their students for decades.

Heads of all sorts of departments are doing this as we speak all across this great land.

People like power, people like to have sex with powerful people, it in turn makes them feel higher up the food chain and powerful people like to have sex as much as the next guy, sometimes even more, the only difference is they get a lot more offered to them.

I think we should take a lesson from the French, and there are not that many lessons I think we should take from the French, they just admit they don't care. They own that they care more about cheese or wine or will they get all of August off. They know somewhere someone is having it off with someone they maybe shouldn't be and that is as much a part of life as wine with lunch.

I think the only wandering penises people really care about are those that are attached to the clergy.

I think we all get legitimately upset about that -- as well we should. They really have taken an oath and do live closer to God and the Commandments.

But hey -- look at the Catholic Church, there have been incidents in there that are almost Polanski-esque.

But David Letterman ...

Then you hear well he made fun of Eliot Spitzer, he made fun of Bill Clinton, yeah ... that's his job. Who is going to make fun of Bob the Builder?

Most people will do what they can get away with as long as they can get away with it.
It doesn't mean I approve or disapprove. I'm only shocked because everyone responds with such ferocity of surprise.

And then they feel sorry for the girl.

I feel sorry for her too, he's 62 years old and gone though open heart surgery.

She wasn't getting it on with Justin Timeberlake. It was probably one of the toughest parts of her job. Worldwide Pants ... laugh and let it go.