02/08/2013 07:43 am ET Updated Apr 10, 2013

How To Plan Your Valentine's Day Adventure

Whether you plan to jet set with your paramour, create the perfect at-home intimate date or celebrate love with your friends and family, Valentine's Day plans are all about the "wow" factor. Here are some tips for stepping out of the (chocolate) box and adding a little extra spice and thought to your love celebration.

A great aspect about planning a Valentine's Day getaway is that the destination is secondary. The vacation spot is not nearly as important as the two people sharing the experience, so there is less pressure to find the ideal location. If you are with the right person, you can be happy in your 250-square-foot hotel room! So whether you head to the beach, the mountains, the city or stay at home, it's all about weaving romance into activities wherever you are.

Nothing tops romantic surprises on the day of love. Spending a couple of quality hours with your beau on Valentine's Day is truly a great gift. We all juggle such hectic schedules that it is nice to take a moment to remember why you love spending time together. A special meal prepared with thought and care is always a romantic gift. And cooking together provides even more time to bond and share. Over a candlelit dinner, you can revisit warm memories, share ideas about tomorrow and truly enjoy the moment together.

If you are planning a trip to celebrate your love, make sure you minimize the stresses of travel. Talk to your significant other and find out what his or her romantic destination of choice is. Then craft your vacation around his or her ideal trip. Perhaps you can't go to that specific destination, but you can sculpt a trip that resembles a dream vacation. When you are truly excited for your vacation, the stress of travel will turn into exhilaration and anticipation.

If you do travel long-distance for the holiday, take advantage of the concierge at your destination to help plan unique and unexpected romantic surprises. They can easily help you accomplish your goals in the enchantment department, while you enjoy more time with your honey. Plus, with their professional experience, they may have ideas to make your getaway special in ways you had not even imagined.

Forgoing a vacation or even leaving your house? If you decide to spend a romantic evening in, Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to splurge a little. Pick up a special bottle of wine or Dom Perignon. Add a dash of bubble bath and rose petals to your evening plans to spice up the night. Rose petals on the covers are always a passionate touch. But remember, whether you are at a hotel or at home, be careful of rose petals on your comforter, as they tend to leave their beautiful color on the duvet if you are not careful.

Nothing says love like chocolate, especially chocolate-covered strawberries. When the combination of chocolate and strawberry hits your palate, your taste buds will be delighted. What a seductive treat and another great addition to your passionate night in!

But Valentine's Day is not only for romantic love. It is a great time to celebrate all the people that touch our lives. A handwritten card can express so much to those who occupy your thoughts and heart, whether it is your best friend, mother or children. Everyone you love deserves a little something on Valentine's Day. For our family tradition, I usually have a box of chocolates and a card ready on the kitchen table for my children when they come downstairs in the morning. Then, we make heart-shaped pancakes to kick off the day. Whatever you plan, make it personal to your family and traditions, or start a new tradition this year!

When I have to work on Valentine's Day, I try to make the flight a little extra special for those lovebirds out there. If there is a snuggly couple, I sometimes provide them with a treat, complimentary wine or chocolate. I tend to carry a bag of Dove dark chocolates in my flight bag to hand out make everyone's day a bit sweeter. Each piece of candy has a message inside the wrapper, which never fails to put a smile on my face and makes me feel like it was written especially for me.

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to shower all your special ones with extra love and caring thoughts.

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