03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kickstarter: A New Way to Support Good Work

Have you ever had a brilliant idea to do something good in the world, but needed a little bit of cash to get you off the ground? Well the folks over at Kickerstarter have heard you. Kickstarter is a new platform where ambitious and creative endeavors can reach a wide audience who can be a source for money and support.

Projects come from a whole range of individuals wanting to do something they love and something they feel passion for. These stories unfold through blog posts, pics and videos as people bring their ideas to life and you can stay along for the journey.

To give, you simply make a financial pledge on projects you want to support. It can range from urban vertical farming to documentaries on humanitarian issues.

When it comes to getting the funding, it is all or nothing. Projects need to reach their full funding amount, or else they'll get nothing (so if you really want a project to succeed, share it with your friends). For each level of funding, you'll get something from the project, whether it is weekly updates, sneak peak videos of the project or a DVD.

A project on our radar is "Film to Give: Stories for Change-Makers", a project by journalist husband and wife team James Connolly and Rachelle Escaravage.

The pair will be traveling through India, Nepal, Cambodia, Kenya and Zambia and filming a web series about the change-makers and social ventures happening in these countries. They will also be creating free videos for local organizations in these communities who lack the funds to promote themselves and get the word out, hence Film to Give.

There are three days left to support this project, on January 7th the deadline is closed and they are currently about 30 percent shy of the total need (about $3,000 left to go). If you want to learn more about this project, check out the page and inspiring video, and if you're so inclined, share it with your friends.