11/16/2012 07:04 pm ET Updated Jan 16, 2013

Chocolate as a Religious Experience

For Maria Von Trapp it was raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, but a few of my favorite things are yoga and chocolate. More difficult to blend them into a catchy tune, perhaps, but when marketing consultant meets food and wine edito,r the mix is celestial.

It was karma that brought Denver-based Amity Cooper and Susan Belk together in 2007. Cooper, a mother, designer and marketing consultant met Belk, a food and wine editor, author and prop stylist on a spiritual quest to India. They revealed to each other their passions; yoga, food, design and fashion, and the stars aligned and Sushumna Chocolat was born.

The name comes from the spiritual super-highway which runs, according to Hindu tradition, from the base of the spine to the crown of our heads connecting the seven chakras. Each of the gourmet flavors represents one of these sacred energy centers, named and wrapped in its appropriate color. Now, chocolate and chakras you may ask? Let's just say those L.A. foodies have themselves tied into knots over it!

A far stretch from your Ghirardelli, these artisanal confections have been lovingly crafted with surprising ingredients meant to stimulate the elemental vibration of its corresponding chakra. "Grounded" (for the Root chakra) is a tasty blend of milk chocolate, sweet potato and crisped rice, while Sensual (the Sacral) brings in cardamom, cinnamon and chai into the fold and Transcendent (the Crown) blends hemp oil, exotic mushroom extract and cashews into a heavenly milk chocolate mix. Beautifully packaged, this is both a culinary and religious experience. Like a good wine, it is meant to be shared and savored. As we moved our way through a leisurely tasting, we found the conversation was led by the tempting tiles and the discoveries of our conversation lead us back to the chocolates.

Currently backed by a Kickstarter campaign, Sushumna brings other sensual delights to the table with candles, soaps and varying combination of chocolate Nirvana. I'm thinking of a few people on my gift list; a yogi, a foodie and the guy who has everything, who'll benefit from a few of my favorite things. And I'll keep one on hand for those days when the downward dog bites.

After all... isn't chocolate proof of the Divine?