11/04/2012 09:49 am ET Updated Jan 04, 2013

World's Funniest Signs (PHOTOS)

We asked Travel + Leisure online community members to submit their funniest signs for our photo contest--here are the best of the bunch.

Don't Drive Your Car off a Cliff! It seems that this is a real possibility around Ireland's Dingle Peninsula. After all, authorities put up a warning sign, picturing a car flying headfirst into the sea. And that sign, juxtaposed against an actual cliff in the background, makes for a great travel photo. Fortunately, a T+L member took a picture of it and submitted it to our Funny Signs photo contest.

Snapping pictures of funny signs seen while traveling is a favorite pastime for many travelers. We've all come across these gems: a miswritten translation; an unusual warning; or an illustration that just doesn't seem right. It might be an official highway sign or something written on a shop awning. All are perfect for adding to your travel photo portfolio and sharing with friends. And oftentimes, photographic evidence of such a sign not only makes for a great souvenir, but also serves as proof for doubtful folks back home.

Some of these signs aren't just funny, but absurd -- like one next to the water in Mystic, CT, saying that throwing rocks will cost you 50 cents each.

Having received so many shots of signs that made us chuckle, it was a grueling task narrowing the selection down to just 10 semifinalists.

We hope that the photos on the following pages, and those in our community, inspire you to share your great travel memories with us. --Joshua Pramis

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World's Funniest Signs (PHOTOS)