08/21/2013 09:36 am ET Updated Oct 16, 2013

Benefits of Sightseeing by Bike


No longer just for hipsters and school kids, the bicycle is on the rise with European-style bike share programs recently launching in Chicago, New York and soon, San Francisco - even sprawling Los Angeles. Bike sharing is easy and extremely affordable (in Chicago, unlimited use for 24 hours is just $7 -- less than the price of one cab ride). Bicycle infrastructure, including protected lanes and bike-specific traffic lights, is gaining tremendous traction in cities. Trails and routes are more simple to find than ever, thanks to tools like Google Maps turn-by-turn biking directions.

This is all great news for travelers, as exploring a new place by bike is thrilling and more memorable than a bus, car or taxi ride. When you bike through a city, you are not just traveling through it, you are a part of it. Slow down a bit and you can hear, smell and take part in the place you are visiting. (Not to mention, it's a great way to justify all the luxurious dining you have planned for your vacation).

Riding bikes lets you cover more ground, too, which is especially key if you only have a day or two. Whereas hours on foot might take you a few miles, a few hours on a bike can lead you through an entire city. You'll see more than you had planned to and your feet will be less tired at the end of a long day. If you're not sure about venturing out on your own, bike tours are an excellent way to learn about a new place, and always include rentals, helmets and a guide to show you the best route.

The next time you're in a new town, give exploring by bicycle a whirl. Close to 20 U.S. cities have established bike share programs, including travel hot spots like Miami and Washington, D.C. (a U.S. bike share pioneer), and nearly all visitor-friendly areas offer daily bike rentals. I promise you a ride -- and vacation -- you won't soon forget!

Travelzoo Tip: Hotels are on the bike bandwagon too. Many properties on Travelzoo in bike-friendly areas include free or discounted rentals with an overnight stay.

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