Buddyhead's 30 Best (and Worst) Records of 2009

Before anyone gets bummed that all I've done so far in my two posts here is yank my own chain and link back to my wildly funny yet highly misunderstood website, I would like to point out that this is what I was told to do when The Huffington Post's LA Editor, Billy Silverman, hired me. So deal with it. If you take into consideration that the last job Billy and I had our bosses forced him to dress up like a french burglars, a Japanese chef, a banana, a soldier and even a clown cop, Billy has really moved up in the world. That makes me proud, I really do hope that one day I move up the food chain from having to assemble lists of records people should and shouldn't listen to in my underwear.

Either way and in the meantime, I'd like to welcome you all to Buddyhead's "sometimes-annual" Best (& Worst) Records Of The Year. Can we all agree that this was about the worst decade ever? Let's tally the score here.... Everyone was broke, the best rock n' roll band in the world -- Oasis -- broke up, jobs were hard to come by, the rock press got tricked into thinking "lo-fi" automatically equaled "good," Michael Jackson's overdose transformed him from "Jacko The Tabloid Joke" to "MJ - Demi-God" in the eyes of millions of mindless idiot consumers, Crabcore swept through the Bible-belt like a brushfire, Sky Saxon of The Seeds died and gas prices shot up higher than anything NASA has ever put their name on. However, hard times are usually fodder for great art and 2009 churned out more bueno records than any year in recent memory. In fact, the quantity of rad music we were turned onto this year was so large, plus we also felt slightly guilty for that three year vacation (*cough*bender*cough*) we took from delivering all of you our "picks" (& "icks"), that we were forced to balloon this years list to 30 good ones and 30 bad ones. Everyone's got rules, here are ours...

The "Rules":
No re-issues, "best of" albums, live albums, or previously unreleased material collections. Also no Buddyhead releases, or bands with Buddyhead people in them... though by now you should know that if we're involved with it, owning it is totally mandatory. So is hitting the Buddyhead Online Merch Store HARD, if you're reading this shit then you owe it to us to go buy a shirt RIGHT NOW!

These five entries from the positive side of our Best & Worst Records Of 2009 List. We're not into spreading our negativity here at the Huffington Post. So if you like what you see and wanna read the rest, you'll have to come to the Dark-Side and read the full sixty album list at Buddyhead HERE. Either way, enjoy these five great albums from 2009.