08/09/2012 12:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lisa Sharon Harper: 'Paul Ryan's Plan Breaks My Heart' (VIDEO)

Is Paul Ryan engaged in the active participation of idle worship? Is the Paul Ryan plan "cheating on God?" Are we married to an ideology instead of married to God?

I recently asked Lisa Sharon Harper, Sojourners Director of Mobilizing and founding executive director of New York Faith & Justice, what broke here heart. Her answer? The Paul Ryan Plan.

Paul Ryan is all business. Just business.

I'm all for business, I own one, but "the market" is not righteous. No limits, profit-driven activity falls short Kingdom imagination-wise, needing have-nots and under abundance to drive it's model.

Business, the church and government can't do it alone; we need the creative tension and collaboration of all three to produce real fruit and social change.

"I'm going to love through every means I have: business, government, the church, engaging my neighbors and through myself," Harper says.

Films with Lisa Sharon Harper coming this Fall from The Work Of The People.