11/11/2014 02:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Start a Boldness Revolution: Be Happy No Matter What

Daly and Newton via Getty Images


photo/art source: TreeDoodle by Tree Franklyn

There's a lot of talk these days about being big, bold and innovative. Corporations spend thousands of dollars hiring speakers to teach their employees how to be bold, think outside the box and find innovative ways to change things up. Entrepreneurs and seekers go to workshops, retreats and seminars to discover the secrets to being bold in their own personal lives and businesses.

But trying to find a way to be big, bold and innovative from within the confines of society's standards is missing the point. If you really want to think outside the box, you must not only think outside of society's standards, you must think outside of your own.

Standards tell us how to be, how to behave, feel and think, in public and in private.

We are taught that if a person dies, we must wear black to the funeral and look sad, even if we aren't. If someone is sick, we shouldn't flaunt our health in front of them. If someone is down, we shouldn't be too happy around them. If the world is hurting, we should hurt along with it. Otherwise we're being selfish and disrespectful.

We are taught that we should do more, be more, have more, want more, buy more, make more, consume more, even if what we have is more than enough. If the world is not satisfied with itself, and worse, if it's not satisfied with you, why should you be? Keep going, dream bigger, be bolder, hurry, time's running out, you're gonna miss the boat and anyone who's worth anything is on it. Quick!

Let's think outside the box of standards, rules and conforming ways of being. Let's start our own boldness revolution in the face of an insatiably unsatisfied, ever consuming and increasingly demanding world.

Let's take the boldest step there is. Let's face life head on and declare that we will be happy no matter what.

Being happy no matter what is a revolt of the highest degree and takes the inmost of strength on a daily basis. It's digging deep down within yourself and pulling out that last smidgen of strength where you thought there was none left. It's looking your sick mom in the eye and saying you will be happy even through her illness. It's standing up in the face of criticism of others and saying you will be happy even through their judgments. It's living in the midst of a war and saying you will be happy even through the battle cries.

Being happy while others are suffering, while there's zero money in your bank account, or while all hope seems lost is boldness at its greatest.

Being bold means not doing what's trendy or popular simply because everyone else is doing it. Being bold means not remaining small because others might be intimidated by your greatness. Being bold means not doing what you're expected to do, but doing what makes your heart sing, because it's the right thing to do for your soul. It means not needing the approval or acceptance of others but finding the liberation from caring about the opinions of others. It means not trying to fit into the mold society wants you in but molding yourself toward joy.

There is no amount of suffering that you can experience that would take away the suffering of someone else. No amount of sickness you endure will make someone else healthy. You are not taking away from anyone else's joy by being joyful. On the contrary, you are shining a light for others to follow in their darkness. Your joy becomes a beacon of hope for others, and yourself.

Stand up in the face of your own guilt and suffering and declare that you will be happy no matter what.

This doesn't mean you're going to sit around turning a blind eye to life's challenges. It means the opposite: You're going to face them head on, deal with them as they come and still be happy, no matter what life throws at you. Strength comes from facing challenges, not ignoring, denying or pushing them away. Boldness comes from the constant, daily declaration of happiness in the midst of life's challenges.

If you want to be bold, be happy, no matter what. Start your own boldness revolution and declare your happiness now.

Tree Franklyn is a writer, doodler and creator of TreeDoodles. Her books and e-courses inspire women to live life fully by living their truth and finding their inner divine happiness. Download her free e-book, The #1 Reason You're Not {Bouncing-off-the-walls, Swinging-from-the-stars, Hopping-in-the-clouds} Happy at