01/31/2006 10:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Call Me Corny But I Actually Like the Pageantry

I'm glad we don't have a king, only a President who dreams of being one, but I must admit I enjoy the pagentry, the history, the staging. I can do without the predictable reaction shots, however. Mention "Coretta Scott King" cut to various black politicians. Mention "Israel" and who do we see but Senator Lieberman.

What struck me most about the speech, however, was its lack of luster. Only at the very end did he try to pull out a bit of soaring rhetoric. Is the President still so much in a bubble that he didn't understand how crucial this speech was to his Presidency?

57% of Americans realize that the nation is being lead in the wrong direction. The President's speech did nothing to convince any of them.

No one is talking about "Isolationism." That is a trumped-up canard. What we Americans are looking for is intelligent, clear-sighted decisive leadership. How can he talk about "continuing reconstruction" in Iraq when it was just reported that the entire buget for Iraqi reconstruction has been cut?

Sadly what we heard tonight was more intransigence.