10/08/2013 01:01 pm ET Updated Dec 08, 2013

The Best Beer Gardens in Germany For Your Taste

Most Iconic Beer Garden: Hofbrauhaus, Munich
Hofbrauhaus is one of the most famous Oktoberfest tents, and Hofbrau is known far and wide as THE German beer. Kelley checked out the actual Hofbrauhaus, the historic, 5 story beer hall in downtown Munich and was surprised to find that it is NOT overrated. The beer is tasty, the food is great, the decor is impressive and the atmosphere lively. For a guaranteed good time and to brag to your friends, prost your stein here.

Most Local Beer Garden: Wirsthaus at BavariaPark, Munich
You might not have heard of this spot, but you should. It's located outside of the downtown walking area but worth the extra $5 cab fare. This outdoor beergarden is encircled with lovely trees and as the sunsets, the light glows on the outdoor picnic tables full of hip locals drinking Augustiner & eating amazing food. Kelley never wanted to leave...

Best Location for a Beer Garden: Peak of Zugspitz, Garmish-Partenkirchen
Not only is the mountain impressive from the bottom, it's even more stunning from the top. And nothing goes with a crisp view of snow capped peaks, than a wittbier, or wheat beer, in your hand.

Most Random Beer Garden: Partnach Gorge, Garmish-Partenkirchen
Partnach Gorge, despite what you might think, is actually a really amazing natural and historical day hike for those visiting in Partenkirchen. The raging waters just feet below, the shocking natural drop and the history behind the loggers that lost their lives braving these waters makes this site impressive. However, we never expected a beer garden to be just sitting there, luring us in at the end of it. And boy, nothing takes away the chill of the damp trails than a beer with the locals.

Best Beer NOT in a Stein: Fruh, Cologne

When in Cologne, put down your large steins and pick up small kolsch glass. That's right, the glasses are smaller because this "champagne" of beer might lose it's bubbles in a big stein. Don't worry, you can order 6 at a time. Fruh is the most famous Kolsh producer and luckily they have a glorious, 100 year old beer hall with tasty local foods & outdoor seating.

You now have no excuses not to PROST at one of these spots next time you are in Germany!