10/26/2012 05:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017's Best Lesbian Week Ever: Oct. 20-26 is Logo's site for lesbians and bisexual women in entertainment and media, which means we pride ourselves on knowing all kinds of Sapphic pop-culture facts. Each week we share some of the best tidbits on The Huffington Post in our series "Best Lesbian Week Ever." Here's who and what was on our raging gay radar this week.

The more you know: Rachel Maddow was on TV twice a day at least four times this week. Our favorite appearance was on The Wendy Williams Show, where she won a game of "Pop Politics" by knowing the Kardashians had more kids than the Palins or the Romneys.

Final girls: The lesbians survived the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode this week! Lindsey Shaw dressed as Marlene Dietrich, too, so the gay quotient was upped significantly.

Takes "crazy lesbian" to new heights: However, a lesbian perished on this week's American Horror Story. We were only kind of sad about it, though, because she did commit her partner to an insane asylum in order to avoid being outed.

Free to be Fergie Ferg: Fergie told Oprah that her bisexuality back in the day was just part of her being a free spirit. When do people stop being free spirits? Is it somewhere around age 30?

And humble: Ellen's Mark Twain Humor Prize acceptance speech was hilarious and super gay. She congratulated Portia on having the "most talented and beautiful wife," to which Portia nodded in agreement.

Lesbians are normal, too: Leisha Hailey returned to our TV screens this week for a brief minute on The New Normal. She looked a little uptight, but her partner (played by Constance Zimmer) explained that they were barren, so I suppose that's what the issue is.

Hunter? I don't even know her: Lesbian quartet Hunter Valentine released their new album this week. Grab a copy of Collide & Conquer and become a regional rep in your city.