08/04/2012 11:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017's Best Lesbian Week Ever: July 28-August 3 is Logo's site for lesbians and bisexual women in entertainment and media, which means we pride ourselves on knowing all kinds of Sapphic pop-culture facts. Each week we'll share some of the best tidbits on The Huffington Post in our new series, "Best Lesbian Week Ever."

Here's who and what was on our raging gay radar this week.

Michelle Rodriguez will no longer get any dates: The bisexual actress told a reporter that she wants to shake the "dyke stimga" she has. Well that's one way of doing it -- alienating all women you have a chance with in the future.


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Out athletes FTW: Gay Olympians are doing it big in London, including the Netherland's rower Nienke Kingma, whose team won a bronze, and German cyclist Judith Arndt, who took the silver in her time trial. As the games continue, there are still a ton of out women who are in it to win it, including members of the U.S. women's soccer and basketball teams. (Duh.)

Gillian Anderson opens her ex-files: The actress says a woman she used to date passed away a year ago, and that's why she feels open to discussing their relationship now. Better late than never, we say. Welcome to the club!


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No labels, please: Push Girls Tiphany Adams doesn't want people to call her bisexual. She just wants you to call her, maybe.

Bisexual for 100, Alex: Comedian/actress Nicol Paone will gladly say she's bi, however. A bisexual lesbian, in fact. She wrote about falling for her best friend's boobs and being called a slut for her newfound sexuality by "friends" over at HelloGiggles this week.

A missed opportunity: Vanessa Redgrave played a lesbian supreme court justice on USA's Political Animals, but she did not make out with Sigourney Weaver. Now that's a Washington scandal I approve of.


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Don't eat at Chik-fil-a: They don't want your hard-earned, un-Biblical lesbian cash, in case you hadn't heard.