08/28/2013 10:50 am ET Updated Oct 28, 2013

MTV Video Music Awards Musings in the Form of Questions

Has the younger generation organically developed a case of ADD with MTV just giving them what they want and need as in the letters that are all sideways and upside down and how fast they appear and disappear on the screen including exactly how many minutes they have to text and tweet and post before the next watchable moment appears? Did anyone else think that six minutes was the name of a new act that was going to appear in the next segment? Or did MTV create a generation of ADD sufferers by instigating the never more than three seconds between jump cut edit style and then taking it from there?

Rihanna, hello... are you in there??

Taylor Swift, are you the biggest fan in the building knowing the lyrics to every song and singing along and looking all star struck and being so happy when your girlfriends win? And are you the coolest chick role model for making guys accountable when they do stupid guy things? And are you the only one who gets that classy clothes never go out of style and will keep you relevant for as long as you have the goods?

JT.. is there any doubt that you are the cream of the crop of entertainers loosely coming out of this generation? Your choreography is amazing but can anyone throw away a dance move better than you and keep it so clean and efficient and cool? But I was wondering since you won half of the awards you own with those other four guys if maybe you could have given them more than 90 seconds in your 20 minute act? Or maybe you could have invited them to share that moment when you actually got the Vanguard award and said how important they were to you? And maybe you could have shed the hat during the reunion flash so that, you know, everyone would look 'n sync and all? But you the man, right? Didn't we kinda already know that?

And Miley dear, why you gotta treat your crotch that way? Why you gotta treat yourself that way? What happened to you?

Lady Gaga, do you need to keep wowing us with all the wigs and costume changes and whatever? Aren't you one of the most talented women in music? Wouldn't it be ok for you to shed all that and just let us see you naked? I don't mean naked actually but did you really need to keep your shell costume on in the audience? Didn't it seem a little distracting? Were you just born that way?

OK. That's it. Have at it.