01/26/2012 05:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Meat Pies, Football, Kangaroos and Holden Cars

It might not have the panache of a 4th of July, but today, the 26th of Jan, is Australia Day -- otherwise known as Vegemite, Beer and Barbeque Day, White Invasion Day, Sorry Day. But this is a light and fluffy holiday blog, so we won't go there.

Although President Obama might not have mentioned us in his rousing State of the Union speech, he was thinking of us nonetheless.

The Australian Associated Press says Mr Obama wrote to our Governor General, Quentin Bryce:

As I noted when I visited Australia in November, the U.S.-Australia alliance has served as an anchor of stability, security, and prosperity in the world for six decades.

Australia and the U.S. are united by history, values and deep cultural and economic ties. As you celebrate your national day, know that the United States stands with you in friendship now and in the future.

I wish all Australians a safe and happy holiday celebration and continued peace and prosperity in the coming year.

So, as I finish my breakfast of Vegemite on toast and watch a fellow cafe addict munch his quintessentially Aussie meat pie and tomato sauce, on behalf of all Australians, I thank the President for his good wishes.

Later, as I down a couple of coldies on this muggy summer day, I'll throw a shrimp on the barbie for you. Can't say fairer than that, eh, mate?