01/18/2012 11:30 am ET Updated Mar 18, 2012

You Really Do Live Twice... Do Do You Die Twice

Remember that old Bond movie, You Only Live Twice? Well, it's actually true.

You have your "normal" life in your physical body, which does all kinds of wild and crazy things. Or not.

Then you have your digital life -- and believe me, that's as real as the one that gets up and breathes in and out all day (apologies to Sleepless in Seattle).

So, what happens to your digital life when your "normal" life ends? In other words, when you breathe out and don't breathe in again?

You still have your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your Instagram photos, your Huffington Post blog, maybe. You might have all kinds of social networking lives that don't keel over instantly, just because you have.

You might be quite weirded out to learn of the different policies held by each digital life app/socnet/whatever. Well, digital death, actually.

This is a heads up for a new infovid, called, fascinatingly enough, Digital Death, by my Bondi, Sydney-based friend Fred Schebesta. Digital Death is now in post-production.

If you care whether or not your digital life becomes public property after your die (including those late-night tweets #omg #notthelatenighttweets) ... watch this space.