05/28/2013 12:48 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2013

8 Places to Digitally Detox This Summer

The digital detox vacation, trending big in 2013, refers to the admirable act by which travelers surrender their mobile phones, laptops and tablets upon check-in, in an attempt to experience the vacations they're paying for in a more present way.

These days, some hotels are offering tech-free guest rooms or are designating specific areas for device-free relaxation. Others offer packages to encourage more traditionally wholesome activities, such as board games, bird-watching, and cooking classes. The idea is that vacationers, while permitting themselves to disconnect from the world inside their devices, their networks, and the addictive stream of information at their fingertips, will be rewarded with a clearer mind and a deeper connection to their surroundings. Many who have taken the digital detox plunge report overwhelmingly positive experiences. What do you have to lose?

As we head into summer, hotel search trivago has put together a list of our eight favorite digital detox hotels. What better way to disconnect from technology than by lounging on seven-mile white sand beaches in the Caribbean or observing howler monkeys and exotic birds in the Costa Rican rainforest? Here we present a collection of supremely serene accommodations that encourage people to unplug in order to internally recharge.

8 Places to Digitally Detox This Summer (PHOTOS)