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Top Hotel Chefs Dish Out Their Exclusive Thanksgiving Recipes

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Soon everyone will be gathered around the table to give thanks for family, friends, football and delicious food -- it's the one day a year where over-indulging is not just accepted, it's encouraged.

In the spirit of good ol' Turkey Day, hotel search presents the signature thanksgiving dishes from America's Top Executive Hotel Chefs to add flair to your traditional Thanksgiving dinner. So even though scarfing down that one last spoonful of stuffing will send you straight into a food coma, we guarantee that these dishes are worth every last bite.


Courtesy of Green Olive Media

Every (giant) spoonful of spicy pickled jalapeños and bacon smothered cheesy hominy grits is an elevated down-home experience. It's time to abandon that weary green bean casserole for The Belmont's one-pot casserole with real Southern flavor.

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Courtesy of Brian Smyer

A little taste of sweet and savory, this perfectly chilled Autumn Squash Soup is a great way to kick-start the Thanksgiving feast. The Grand America Hotel's take on fall harvest flavors will have guests reaching for a second helping of the creamy butternut squash and delicate blend of spices.

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Courtesy of The Hotel Viking

Turkey may seem like the traditional star of Thanksgiving, but a great stuffing will steal the spotlight every time. This year the Hotel Viking has given stuffing an upgrade with a mouth-watering combination of cornbread, chorizo, and pancetta that's almost too pretty to put in the turkey!

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Courtesy of Adam Larkey

Scouring the Internet for a quick and delicious side dish that is perfect for entertaining? Look no further than Butternut Squash -- a simple and classic recipe from the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Denver that only takes 15 minutes to prepare and about five seconds to devour.

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Courtesy of The Edgewater Hotel

The typical sweet potato marshmallow casserole is so last year -- it's time for a modern take on everyone's favorite vegetable. The Edgewater's Bourbon Maple Sweet Potato pudding is a crowd-pleaser just bursting with fresh citrus flavors and the sweetness of caramelized brown sugar.

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Courtesy of The Driskill

The autumn chill has already started to roll in, so warm everyone's bellies with this hearty bowl of soup. The Driskill's signature Thanksgiving soup may be a bit unconventional, but the rustic flavors and succulent poached shrimp are the very definition of comfort food.

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Courtesy of Mooo... Restaurant

The rich velvety texture of crème brûlée gets a savory makeover from the XV Beacon, with a side that you won't feel guilty eating before dessert. This decadent caramel treat will have everyone begging for a second helping of vegetables.

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Courtesy of The Townsend Hotel

Whoever said carbs are a bad thing has never tried this Apple and Herb Stuffing. The Townsend's recipe calls for artisan bread infused with aromatic fresh herbs and crisp Granny Smith apples, which means that the diet starts Monday, right?

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Courtesy of Royal Palms Resort and Spa

You're never too old for French fries, and this grown-up version of potatoes will have you licking every last grain of salt off your plate. These Smoked Potato Croquettes from the Royal Palms Resort and Spa are little golden balls of fried deliciousness, you won't be able to eat just one!

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Courtesy of Viceroy Hotel Group

Everything is better with bacon -- and the Avalon Hotel's Italian-American prosciutto-wrapped turkey is no exception. The only thing better than making this bacon bird on Turkey Day, is eating it.

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Courtesy of Ron Manville

Tired of biting your nails over the timing of your enormous Thanksgiving main? Try this French spin on a Southern turkey from the chef of the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, and the only thing you'll have to fret about is the fight over the last slice.

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Courtesy of Peter Frank Edwards

Hot out of the foodie paradise that is the Epicurean Hotel, Chef Yelvington has put an adorable spin on everyone's Thanksgiving favorite: apple pie. Now no one has to fight over the last slice, and these individual apple pies are the cutest desserts we've seen in ages.

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Courtesy of The Biltmore Hotel

The holiday season calls for pumpkin everything, and we are not complaining! Ice cream is good, pumpkin is great, so why not put them together? The Biltmore's famously sweet Pumpkin Ice Cream is amazing on its own and even better piled on top of a warm slice of your favorite cake or pie!

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