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IndieCade Preview: The Frantic, Retro, iPad Game Bloop

By Noah J.Nelson

IndieCade --the International Festival of Independent Games-- hits downtown Culver City, California this weekend. Here's a look at one of the games that will be there.

The rise of the iPad as a gaming device has been a boon to game developers. Whether it's ports of classic console games or adaptations of board game, the popular tablet has caused a gold rush. What we don't see all that often are games like Bloop: a multiplayer experience that transforms a tablet into a locus of frantic activity.

In Rusty Moyher's game players race against each other to tap out their color on screen, hands getting jumbled up in the quest for high score. It's a throwback to the electronic games of the 1980's, that used the limitations of the technology of the time to create high energy kinetic experiences. Bloop is one of the finalists for this year's IndieCade awards.

Turnstyle: Bloop feels like an updated, more chaotic version of Simon. Was that game a big influence?

Rusty Moyher: Not consciously. Bloop's look and feel resembles Simon, but it plays more like a Twister / Hungry Hungry Hippos love child. I grew up playing these kind of ridiculous games with my family. Like Twister and Hippos, players are generally smiling when playing Bloop.

TS: I imagine Bloop gets pretty frantic... do tempers ever flare?

RM: Hah! Not yet. A round of Bloop is pretty short and the game is too silly to take seriously. The IndieCade crowd could prove me wrong. ;)

TS: What does getting into IndieCade mean for you personally? For the project?

RM: I'm thrilled to be a finalist at IndieCade. This year's line up is rather amazing and I'm honored be a part of the event.

And I can't wait to show Bloop. Bloop plays best with groups. It's a contagious kind of fun. IndieCade is an excellent way to introduce enthusiasts to the experience. And play with them too!

TS: What led you to designing a game? What do you bring with your background that another developer might not?

RM: I grew up Nintendo. When I wasn't playing Mario or Metroid or Zelda, I thought about them. I loved the instruction booklets. The game boxes. The worlds inside. I cherished each new issue of Nintendo Power. When asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?", the answer was always the same: make games.

Many game developers share this history, this love of video games. Here's how I stand apart: I've spent the better part of 10 years writing, producing and directing independent films. I've always had a passion for creating and sharing experiences with people. My background as a writer, director and editor colors everything I do. Games are not movies (and they shouldn't be), but both are designed as an experience.

I've written a few feature length screenplays. My favorite was written as a crazy over-the-top summer blockbuster. I've discovered it'll make an even better indie jRPG.

TS: What excites you the most about the indie game scene right now?

RM: Indie collaboration. I'm only just discovering the Voltronian power from combining the strength of a couple like-minded Indies. Last month I made Super Clew Land with Shaun Inman and Matt Grimm for Ludum Dare. Our game took 2nd place. It's been such a blast, we've been working the last three weeks on an expanded "Directors' Cut" of the game.

TS: What are you looking forward to seeing at IndieCade?

RM: There's so much!

First and foremost: Watching gamers experience Bloop for the first time. I love this. I'd love to see the Simogo guys again. This Swedish team is doing great work on iOS.

Dyad and FTL both briefly clogged my Twitter stream. I haven't played them yet, but I hear they're pretty awesome. Also, Super Space ____.

Finally, The Stanley Parable. This is a truly great experience. I'd love to talk to the creators.

IndieCade is going to be so much fun. I can't wait!

IndieCade, the International Festival of Independent Games starts October 4th with the Red Carpet Awards, and opens to the public on Oct. 6th in Culver City.

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