06/13/2011 10:08 am ET Updated Aug 13, 2011

Infographic: Minorities Becoming Majority in U.S.

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By: Sara Imjan

2042 - that's the magic number, the year when minority populations in the United States are expected to comprise a majority of the country's population. (And that date has already been moved up once, from 2056, based on census numbers).

But the demographic land of milk and honey already exists in pockets of the U.S. -- more than 300 counties in the nation, to be precise. A set of infographics in the National Journal shows minority-majorities in some obvious regions, like L.A. and Queens, as well as some more surprising ones like Robeson County, N.C., where the Lumbee tribe comprises a 52 percent majority of the 98,000 minorities in the county.

Other graphs from the Journal break down minorities' share of income gains and how the racial shifts will play out among generational lines.

Check them out, and before you do, test yourself with this trivia -- which one of these counties is the only one in which multiracial people make up the largest share of the minority population?

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